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307-349-6551 is known for its unique and extraordinary contemporary Native American accessories, gifts, art and design.


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Joanne Ayers

It's always interesting and insightful when you decide to sit down and write something about yourself. Kind of fun... as you get down to the core essence of who you are. Here's a little bit about me and my studio.

I'm an artist, designer and architect surrounded by great friends, family, nature & animals. I am an enrolled member of the Eastern Band of Shoshone located in central Wyoming, USA. I love to travel and study history for inspiration especially throughout Indian Country. I love to meet people. I love art of all kinds, and the simple textures of everyday things. Sketching, painting, beading, reading, meditation and music are all passions of mine. I spend a lot of time creating and running my business and traveling to meet with new friends and old, - I love it all! I have two grown and on their own beautiful children, my oldest daughter Vanessa and my ONLY son Stacey. I also have a beautiful teenage daughter Sophie, 2 dogs – Izzy and Cinderella (Cindy) and I'm blessed with 2 grand dogs, Fritz and JP. They're ALWAYS close by!

My story is not different from anyone else's, only my experiences are unique to me. I've been " making things " all my life; drawing as early as I can remember and learning to bead and sew at age 5. I've been hugely influenced by my grandmother master bead worker,  Eva McAdams and my Mom June Sabatinos a renowned quilt maker and seamstress both are extremely talented and published international artists. Under the tutelage of these two dynamic and very talented women who shared their love of traditional and contemporary arts & crafts and who have always supported my desire to follow my creative heart. I worked hard in art and engineering school to hone my skills and I became obsessed with all aspects of design, fashion and architecture. I was fortunate to always have the ability to work for myself both during and right out of school. I soon started filling my personal creative time with making small creations out of vintage beads and other mediums by creating home accessories for the interior design industry and selling them in local shops in Colorado and Arizona. I’ve also worked as a free-lance illustration artist, interior designer and architect for the past 25 years. Over the years I have developed a breadth of illustrations and products for clients worldwide always believing I will continue to evolve and grow this creative track of mine. Keeping on this path, putting one foot in front of the other one creative experience and opportunity has led to the next, ultimately allowing me to come full circle and create a business that incorporates my biggest passions my native culture, design, painting, beading and connecting with people.

This artistic energy extends into the way I run my business and work to effect positive changes in my community and beyond. Every decision is looked at with respect to how it will affect other people. I want to improve the lives of those whom I touch. Working to live sustainably as part and parcel of everything I do at my studio, and of how I try to lead my life. This philosophy is inherent : reusing vintage clothing and furnishings, making your own beautiful home and fashion items, gardening organically to help sustain your ecosystem, and simply—well, living simply. “Giving back " is also a key fundamental and traditional value as native person and is a great privilege. It's a way of life that elevates the spirit and encourages those around you to take responsibility for and ownership of society as a whole. A better world constantly needs to be maintained, not finally achieved. I work to sustain a cottage industry of local seamstresses, engage in fundraisers for my native sisters throughout Indian country and I support the area's local animal shelter. Your community supports you, I believe it's vital to work to maintain a healthy, viable relationship with it. This is essential to the optimistic vision that inspires me, and it is dear to my heart.

One of my core beliefs is that through who we are and what we do, we can inspire great change in ourselves, each other, and in the world. I believe that we can inspire those around us to become happier & more confident through finding their own creativity. That's the wonderful thing about making art! Finding creative fire, love, passion, excitement, and pure joy in the little everyday things... taking note and loving and appreciating every moment. I feel fortunate to be on my path nurturing my creative spark, and I love hearing about other like-minded individuals who are finding theirs! It's a beautiful process, we're all in it together... growing, learning and becoming.As an extension of my personal mission, exemplifies good design with a well-edited selection of products highlighting the latest in materials, production, and design concepts from my studio. Shop my website to discover innovative, professional and functional gifts, personal accessories, and home items intended to beautify everyday living. Reflect your modern style and celebrate life’s special occasions with unique and distinctive gifts and accessories.

If you would like to send me a note, I'd love to hear from you and I especially love seeing how you have worn my jewelry or other accessories! You can write to me at

Beauty is in the way you live. Enjoy your surroundings. Let them inspire you. Follow your own path, and approach everything you do with love in your heart.

Much Love, Joanne